Hangman Designer Services (H.D.S.) is a multifaceted company. We specialize in installing lighting and fine art, and as you’ll see in the gallery, we excel when presented with creative challenges.

My interest in lighting and fine art expanded from working in Venice, California at Obsolete, Inc. Having come from an Art Department and Set Design background, I felt that working in a gallery was natural. I owe a lot to Ray Azoulay, owner of Obsolete, Inc. During the years that we worked together he helped me develop a real understanding of space and art, and the relationship they have with each other.

With the introduction to this world, I found that a lot of people were looking for help to achieve¬†their designs. Interior designers and home owners (and everyone in between) have these beautiful, amazing ideas but aren’t exactly sure how to execute them. In this vacuity, I found my niche. I want to help people create incredible things.

-Adam Kirkpatrick



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